M.C.works Pineapple Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewer, Tough Dog Dental Chews Toy, Indestructible Dog Toys for Large Dogs, Food Grade Non-Toxic Puppy Toys


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  • Product Code: 001
  • Availability: 999

Why this dog chew toy from M.C.works?

♥Durable, Tough, Especially designed for strong, heavy, aggressive chewers

♥ Long lasting durable dog chew toy with new pineapple textured design

♥ Keep dogs' mentally and physically stimulated and, most importantly, away from shoes and furniture.

♥ These indestructible dog toys are eco-friendly and 100% recyclable.Safe enough, gentle enough and easy to clean.

Dog Chew Toys for Aggressive Chewers, Tough Indestructible Dog Toys for Large Dogs, Durable Rubber Puppy Toys for Training Keeping Pets Fit

M.C.works' dog chew toys are all about having fun, but we're also made to address your pup's most primal needs. Their innovative chew toys satisfy that intense urge to gnaw, and behind the scenes, they're also helping to keep his teeth clean or keeping him cool and collected while you're away.

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